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A graphics journal

icon phreaks
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Icons, graphics, banners...

Welcome to iconphreaks

Mod ★ open_the_blinds
open_the_blinds is a fantastic icon maker with posting abilities here, as well as use of the modhat. Her journal is friends only as you might have seen, but her icons have a place here to be shared. If you want to keep up with the news that makes her unique, request to friend her and see from there.
Respect her, love her, treat her work as you would any other maker's.
This is a graphical journal. Therefore will not be heavily censored. The content of icons is usually pretty tame here. If there is any icon posting of questionable nature, they will be marked as NSFW (not safe for work). Please follow the cardinal rules of graphics communities, and all will be fine. If there are any issues you feel should be brought to my attention, please email me iconphreak AT gmail DOT com with ICONPHREAKS somewhere in the subject so I don't think it's spam
Mod ★ bitchy_brat
bitchy_brat is an avid icon maker and collector. Upon posting multiply in her own journal, she has started this community for the purpose of sharing icons with those in search of the lovely little 100x100 squares of expression. If you wish to add her personal journal, all you have to do is request. No guarantees are made just because of being a member here though.
Like every other icon maker out there asks... Love, respect, credit... And tell your friends!
Our rules are simple...
★ Comment (this tells me what you like and what to improve on)
★ Credit the COMMUNITY (this tells your friends where you got the kick ass graphics from)
★ Credit the MAKER please (since there is more than one ya know)
★ No Hotlinking! (I can check them, ya know)
If you can't follow these, you will be warned. 24 hours after the warning (if the problem is not fixed) the offender will be removed from the community.
Don't know how to credit? No problem... Check this out!
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